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Not in the distant future everyone will be about their business, whatever that is? Then someone will yell out what is that, pointing to the sky? An erie red streak will be racing across with a fireball at its tip. No this is not a UFO, its our appointed time of doom. Call it wormwood if you like or apophis. This day is April 14, 2029 and a collision occurs between a high altitude Satellite and wormwood.

I will be 63 years old when this happens and I really don't care. I think mankind is on the wrong track in how we treat each other number 1 and we are very cruel beings.

On a brighter note I was a beach lifeguard and Emergency Medical Technician for 6 years and used to care!


The orbit of Apophis with respect to the Earth during its April 2029 flyby will be a hyperbolic trajectory, in a
plane inclined at 140° over the Earth equator and a perigee altitude between 29,500 and 33,800 kilometers
over the Atlantic Ocean (42.9°W, 29.0°N).
Apophis will cross the equatorial plane 80 minutes before reaching its perigee at an altitude close to 48,000
km. There is no risk of collision with any geostationary spacecraft, all of them being about 10,000 km lower.

I for one think its likely for apophis to collide with one of our satellites.



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