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An article will appear in the June issue of Ancient American Magazine regarding the reality North American portable rock art. This is a collaboration between published author and archaeoastronomer Carl Lehrburger and myself. I have dealt with more than my fair share of archaeological PhD's on this subject, all of which adamantly deny such a thing exists. The best explanation of this came from a young PhD who told me he had never seen any of it which showed signs of being "worked" by man. I put aside all of the other reasons I am aware of and we focused on just that. So for the evidence assembled for the article we merely matched with the same criteria as that which has been applied to prove figurations that are found on many petroglyphs across North America such as those found in Carl's book Secrets of Ancient America. It was rather interesting to find, after introducing Carl to portable rock art, that some of these sites were in my own back yard, literally less than a mile from my house. The truth about portable rock art is that it is likely the best window into our ancient past that currently exists. Once the associated stigma is overcome the Secrets it reveals are nothing short of astonishing. Definitely telling a different story than what mainstream archaeology has presented thus far.
Here's a couple examples which clearly show having been "worked" by man.

Links to pics:

pic 1

pic 2

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