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One takeaway from that article so far, how important proper framing is.

In my estimation, the best sync examples call for unique ways of framing, because the convergence of meaningful associations is always that.

In the King cluster one is asked to consider the likelihood that Leicester City would be owned by an owner or corp named King. As I wrote, determining a clear-cut improbability is an impossible task - for now anyway. But this paper you sent got me thinking that we should be able to establish a floor empirically. I think it is reasonable to say that this King-related coincidence appears against odds of "at least" 1 in 10.
That's likely a very low estimate, but the main point, I think, is that this threshold can be established empirically: One could look up the names of all the owners in top-flite English football history, or of Britain, or professional teams in English speaking nations. I don't think this has to be just a guess, in other words.

I would think that we could get a reasonable sample whose size was large enough to determine a 97 to 99 percent confidence that this King hit is "at least" 1 in 10, Ray. No vagueness on a low threshold, if we have very strong confidence, eh? Such an attempt seems highly useful to the framing of the aggregate cluster, and aggregate clusters in general.

Accordingly, here we have the various King-related associations: 1/600 at least x 1/10 at least - Andy King and the King Power Corp combine to extend the King Richard theme against a minimum 1/6000 expectation - and likely one much greater. And so far we've only considered two of this sync cluster's elements.

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