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Our galaxy is made up of two groups of beings. Those who have a Divine spark, and have a soul, and those who do not. Those with Divinity will present with the color blue. Those who have no Divinity, nor soul, have no color.
There is a procedure to follow in order to see this. Make a fist with your left
hand, and then tap with your four finger tips ( the part of your fingers tips that is closest to your finger nails) of your right hand, the side of your palm that is below your pinky finger. This should realign your chakras. Next ask the Divinity in you to open your heart to Divine love. Repeat this request many times until you feel the love. Next have some one in mind that you want to know if he or she has Divinity... like Jesus. Then ask 'let the Divine in me remove any mind control I have on me regarding Jesus, and let me see him accurately.' Repeat that request many times. Then ask 'let the Divine in me tell me if Jesus has a color.' I don't see color so I receive a telepathic message from my higher self saying there is no color for this person. If the person has Divinity then you will receive a telepathic message saying this person is blue, or blue black if the person is under mind control. If your higher self does not communicate with you, you will have to do more to awaken a dialogue between you and your higher self. Start by asking daily your Divine self for self acceptance. Then communicate with your higher self daily. Since the letter J did not exist 2000 years ago a man named Jesus was never nailed to a cross. That is why there is no Divinity in Jesus. What was the name of the person on the cross? Was it a true story? Do the apostles have a color?. Do Mary the Mother, Miriam or Mary Magdalene have a color? Apply this procedure to all those in control of our world today, and through out history. Do the Deities of our major religions have a color? How about Mother Earth and Father Sun? How about the planets of our solar system? Does that help you to understand what has happened to our world?

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