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Hi Everyone,

I am proposing that the Mayan Terraces had multiple functions. First but not least I'm basing on my hypothesis that the Hitching post of the Sun was an Advanced Shiva Linga Design to create electricity with a coil of wire maybe gold representing the snake in two ways, the split tongue for two wires, the snakes body is the cable of wires, the Cobra can reach out and bit you and possibly take your life. and the spout on the functioning ones was to support the cable coming out.

Ok if my hypothesis is correct and water was a main part, look how they enclosed the hitching post of the sun with terracing and the surrounding mountain. It provided importantly food, as well as land that could be farmed on the side of a mountain, but there is another unseen reason and function.

If water is crucial or important, we have the hitching post of the sun surrounded by water, maybe not a pond, river or lake but water none the less in the soil.

Another important factor is seen on the oldest and original shiva linga's and that steps, like a step pyramid and could apply to them as well as these steps of water soaked soil creates a barrier for larger waves from escaping the mountain, guiding them to the shiva linga, a Topological Effect on the Mountain used as a wave guide, quantum physics on a huge scale knowledge I propose.

Best regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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