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Hi, I have recently partaken in some natural healing ceremonies with the plant medicine Ayahuasca; it was astoundingly rewarding and healing.
I am immensely grateful for the experience yet have had a little struggle to not get sucked down a spiritual rabbit hole and thus I have deliberately not paid too much attention to some of what I was shown/experienced ... though stumbling upon these forums I felt this may be a great place to leave some of the experiences with people who may see some value in them.
The main trigger for this post was seeing Graham on YouTube mentioning Atlantis ...

This is what I was shown in Ayahuasca ...

Atlantis is buried under the Antarctic - after a 90° polar shift of the earth (not sure if I have mixed some visions here but I may have been shown it was due to another planet passing too close and messing with the earth's poles)

I was also shown that the first humanoids were not so much evolved from apes but more created in a single step by our Alien creators... some of the first versions of these efforts were then transported by alien craft from what is now South America to Africa to test/observe their evolution.

I had watched a G.H. video about the Anunaki some months prior to the Ayahuasca experience and pretty much explained away some of what I experienced as being influenced by that but if that is not the case then what I was shown was that G.Hs ideas on the Anunaki are pretty spot on and I'm really not sure if I have mixed these visions myself post experience but the planet that caused the polar shift in the earth is that of the Anunaki and was shown the same would happen in approx 35000 years and it was kind of a routine restarting of the earth.

Ok, that's the main ones I felt I should get out there ... do with them what you will.

Cheers Steve

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