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Author: greengirl5 ()
Date: June 01, 2018 11:03PM
I can't quote the whole book! The two learned gentlemen discussed intelligence, and the Japanese seem not to have quite the same opinion of it as the English speaking world.

But I never the less will quote a chunk which I find very interesting.
Here goes: Chapter 7 - plants as brains. I had been looking into intelligence in nature for eighteen months, when a friend called to draw my attention to a recent article in the journal NATURE. It claimed that the investigation of plant intelligence is becoming a serious scientific endeavour, and that scientists are only now beginning to expose the remarkable complexity of plant behaviour.
These were the words of Anthony Trewavas, a professor of biology at the university of Edinburgh and a fellow of the Royal society, the oldest scientific society in Great Britain.
According to Trewavas, plants have intentions, make decisions, and compute complex aspects of their environment.

The author got to talk to Trewavas too.

A fascinating book.
Towards the end of that chapter he says that "Plants do not have brains, so much as act like them".


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