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I am quoting myself from the thread "sin- do you?" -on inner space. It is about intelligent slime mould:

I am reading a book by Jeremy Narby called "Intelligence in Nature" (An inquiry into knowledge).

In it he meets with a Japanese scientist, Nakagaki, who has studied slime mold for many years, and together with another Japanese scientist and a Hungarian had discovered that true slime mold, Physarum Polycephalum, CAN CONSISTANTLY SOLVE A MAZE!

The author now asks "if a single cell of yellowy slime can solve a maze, does this not confirm that the entire edifice of life contains intelligence".

He read about it first in scientific papers, then wrote to professor Nakagaki and was granted a meeting with him. They had an enjoyable day of talking science and discussing intelligence and western and eastern religious views.


Eyalz Wrote:
> I think other creatures evolve as well.. but only
> humans evolve on both the physical & the
> intellectual level. I think animals lack a sense
> of consciousness that only humans have. Why? Well
> that's the 1 million dollar question.

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