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What colour are the new bears?


Aine Wrote:
> Human intelligence is not the only thing that
> evolves. To say we are more evolved than another
> species is just plain wrong. We are not more or
> less evolved--we are perfectly suited to our
> niche, as are countless other species. Also, there
> are other species that are pretty darned smart
> under any criteria.
> Evolution is a process that occurs over very long
> periods of time. Survival depends on a lot of
> factors, from a stable environment and ecosystem
> to a lack of predators. Genetic mutations happen
> all the time, and they may leave no trace, or have
> no impact, on an organism's physiology or
> appearance. Until recently, all paleontologists
> had to go on was fossil remains--the outward
> appearance of an organism. DNA has changed that,
> but we, and other species, continue to evolve.
> As some species evolve or are threatened with
> declining numbers, they will mate with anything
> they can mate with. An example of this is the
> grizzly/polar bear hybrid. Grizzlies are moving
> north into polar bear territory and mating with
> polar bears. The result is a hybrid--if the
> hybrids can reproduce (and it's been confirmed
> that they can), we may well have a new species of
> bear.
> []
> r_bear_hybrid

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