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I suggest the key you are looking for is language. Without a language, how can you express concepts? To some extent animals do display basic language - body language and sounds. Humans probably developed sign language for hunting (because being silent while hunting). We do know some human sign languages became relatively sophisticated as the Native Americans had a fairly well developed inter-tribal sign language used by many tribes that was in use across much of North America.

But the key to developing the ability to conceptualize is language dependent. Having a written language permits the ability to pass knowledge across time. And languages develop in complexity. It is a fact that modern English (for example) is far more sophisticated in vocabulary than Old Latin, which means we can express concepts (and thus develop) far more than the Romans could.

It is our ability to conceptualize that gives us a major advance over animals, and we need language to do so. I suspect that from a selection process, people that could handle this survived better than those that do not, and this would impact our brain development.

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