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Maybe evolution isn’t really the word I should have used but I wouldn’t put myself in a very intelligent category and taught it to be the appropriate word,
And please don’t think I’m making these as statements, they are more questions than statements,

This will probably sound very stupid ignorant but it’s only because I don’t really know the facts but is a southern bear mating with a northern bear still gonna make a bear? Like a person from Argentina that has a child with someone from Alaska, again not intended as a ignorant statement but just curious as to what makes this bear a highbred?

And as in technology maybe you are right but isn’t human intelligence behind the creation of these technologies, and why did we human feel the need to progress so much from where we started and keep progressing! Why do we create transportation and housing and economy’s and technology and the need to go to space, why aren’t we just happy to be! Like every other living species?

Again I must stress I’m not here to upset anyone, just looking for answers to questions I come up with!

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