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Why does it seem like only human intelligence evolves, every other animal in the world seems to stay the same (i.e as in you don’t see a dog driving a car or a cat reading a news paper). One could make the argument that humans don’t let them, but what about the wild species we don’t interact with, they are the same now as they have always been, and the so call primates that we have evolved from why and they still the same and still here, why haven’t they evolved? I haven’t been to a jungle but they’re are people who have and I have yet to here a report of these primates having houses and tv’s and industry! We could say that they are doing what the exist to do but if it was a matter of just existing then why do we human not just exist as we did at the beginning, why are we always trying to better ourselves, as in my original question ‘why is human intelligence the only thing that evolves’

I’d like to hear intelligent peoples responses not just the answers my head creates!
Thank you

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