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Nature is generous with patterns on wings, feathers, skin or crop circles. Her chosen canvases for geometry and abstract shapes, are crop fields on chalk over water-bearing greenstone.
Nature and culture both compulsively, and subconsciously, express layers of eternal, archetypal structure, that predate creation and inform ongoing re-creation.
Clusters of crop circles unfolding over several years in ‘active’ fields are natural 'albums'. It takes about sixteen years of re-plantings and harvests for nature to complete a coherent cluster of about 18 formations in each active field.
Crop circles have come to mean many things. Cameras, aircraft, satellite scans, drones and increasing numbers of fake formations have raised crop circles into the partly conscious interplay between nature and culture. If there were any contradictions between natural energy and natural art; or between the sources and motivations of nature and culture; such contradictions are now revealed to be only in our conscious minds.
Among the many lessons inherent in crop formations, and in the controversies they invite, is that our understanding of nature and culture, and of our place in nature, is incomplete.
Here is my article and crop circle illustrations;
And here is my article about the gall wasp crop circle, gall ink, and nature-culture collusion;

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