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The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment

Part 1 – Bali to Ernabella

Robert Coon’s Earth’s Chakras and Energy Lines

The above image shows the Robert Coon energy grid and the earth’s chakras. The energy lines connecting the earth’s chakras are said to have gender. The one that runs from Lake Titicaca in Peru, to Glastonbury in England, travels through Mt Kailas in Tibet, to Bali in Indonesia and then to Uluru in Australia, is said to be a female energy line.

Note the Robert Coon female energy line that passes through Bali and Uluru also runs through South Australia.

Looking at the above map we note the Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment runs through numerous geographically and culturally significant places in Australia. Let’s start by tracking the line from Mt Agung in Bali, to Beagle Bay and to Helena Spring in Western Australia.

Mt Agung – Bali

Leaving Mt Agung in Bali the ley Line crosses the Indian Ocean and reaches the Australian Continent at Beagle Bay.

Beagle Bay

From Wikipedia: (article edited by Robert Jameson)

This is an image of Beagle Bay in Western Australia. There was a Beagle Bay community established by Trappist monks around 1890. Following the establishment of the community Bishop Matthew Gibney founded the Beagle Bay mission on the land of the Nyul Nyul people and the first Catholic School was established by Trappist Fathers in 1892. In 1901, Pallottine Fathers from Germany took over the Mission.

Beagle Bay Mission Church – Western Australia

From Wikipedia: (article edited by Robert Jameson)

In 1907, the St John of God Sisters established a school at Beagle Bay and in 1918 the famous Beagle Bay Mission Church was opened. It features a pearl shell altar which is now a tourist attraction. The mission subsequently became home to Indigenous people from across the Kimberley and further afield.

Beagle Bay Mission Church

Beagle Bay is situated on the remote north west coast of Australia. The population of Beagle Bay at the 2011 census was 289 people.

It is quite remarkable that the early Europeans who settled in this area build such a magnificent church. A church it would appear that can seat several times more people than are resident in their community.

Helena Spring

Travelling inland from Beagle Bay we cross the Great Sandy Desert and Helena Spring. To date I have not been able to find out much about Helena Spring – other than it is a fresh water spring, it is marked on the above map and that it falls on the Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment.

Next we go to The Olgas and Uluru in the Northern Territory and then to Mt Woodroffe and the Ernabella (Pukatja) mission in South Australia.

The Olgas (Kata Tjuta)

The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) are a magnificent rock formation situated in the middle of the Australian continent and is also on the Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment.

Uluru (Ayres Rock)

25 klms (16 miles) from the Olgas is Uluru (Ayers Rock) – also on the Bali the Bairnsdale Alignment. Uluru is named as the solar plexus chakra by Robert Coon. It is a sandstone formation 348 metres (1,142 ft) high and is one of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks.

Mt Woodroffe

Mt Woodroffe is 1,435 metres AHD and is South Australia’s highest peak.


Ernabella was set up as a Presbyterian mission in 1938.

Ernabella (Pukatja) Mission

From Wikipedia (article edited by Robert Jameson):

Dr. Charles Duguid, the advocate for the establishment of the Ernabella mission, laid down the following principles for the mission:

There was to be no compulsion nor imposition of our way of life on the Aborigines, nor deliberate interference with tribal custom. Only people trained in some particular skill should be on the mission staff - and they must learn the tribal language.

Anangu people started gradually to come in from traditional life in the desert to live at the Mission after its establishment. The mission respected Anangu culture and traditions and offered medical help and education, with no conditions attached.
Responsibility for the administration of Ernabella Mission was formally handed over to the Ernabella Community Council (later Pukatja Community Council) on 1 January 1974. Today Pukatja (formerly Ernabella) is an Aboriginal community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands and is one of the six communities in this remote north west corner of South Australia.

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