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Here is an ancient story about an incident which occurred after the Great Flood. Because the legends, myths, and religious ideas of the Turks (Aryans and Kurus) mixed with those of the Hindus, this story in all likelihood occurred in Siberia.

To Satyavarman, that sovereign of the whole earth, were born three sons: the eldest Shem; then Sham [also (K)ham]; and thirdly, Jyapeti by name.

They were all men of good morals, excellent in virtue and virtuous deeds, skilled in the use of weapons to strike with, or to be thrown; brave men, eager for victory in battle.

“But Satyavarman, being continually delighted with devout meditation, and seeing his sons fit for dominion, laid upon them the burdens of government.

“Whilst he remained honoring and satisfying the gods, and priests, and kine, one day, by the act of destiny, the king, having drunk mead

“Became senseless and lay asleep naked. Then, was he seen by Sham, and by him were his two brothers called:

“To whom he said, ‘What now has befallen? In what state is this our sire?’ By these two he was hidden with clothes, and called to his senses again and again.

"Having recovered his intellect, and perfectly knowing what had passed, he cursed Sham, saying, ‘Thou shalt be the servant of servants.

“And since thou wast a laugher in their presence, from laughter thou shalt acquire a name. Then he gave Sham the wide domain on the south of the snowy mountains.

“And to Jyapeti he gave all on the north of the snowy mountains; but he, by the power of religious contemplation, attained supreme bliss.”

According to the Hindu holy books, Sham’s [(K)ham’s] sons, had to have names suggesting laughter. They were named “Haha” and “Hoho.”

We know that the Egyptians [K(h)amites] and the Arizona Hohokams were desert civilizations. Were the Khamites the fathers and the Hohokams the sons? Or is all this just a coincidence?

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Were the Egyptians (k)Hamites and the Arizona Hohokam the same people? 195 gene douglas 12-Nov-06 15:24

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