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Claude, since of all the posters on this thread, you are the most knowledgeable of the Turks' contributions to human history and traditions, I'll address this to you. I tried to begin this thread by proving the Turkic or Aramaic origins of Jesus Christ, but all of us, yes, that includes me, got sidetracked. So, I'll try to revive this thread with the following:

When the forefathers of the Turks (Krishtaya, Kuru, Arya, Tur) left the high mountains of the Altai region to conquer the world, they took with them two deities, the worship of whom have found their way to virtually every religion on earth. The God Most High, the God of the Universe, was called TENGRI. This Tengri was also father of a human incarnation of himself, known as KEDER, KEDAR, GHEZER, GEZER, KHYSER, KAISER, and similar name. The ruling clans of the world, including those of our American Indians, are named after this Gezer or Keder. For the Tibetans, he is called Khedar Khand, their equivalent of God Shiva. He was The Only Begotten Son of the Unbegotten. The equivalent of our Jesus Christ. Murad Adji says the following about him:

“Tengri sent his favorite son, Gheser, to the Ancient Altai to teach the tribes to lead a righteous life. Gheser was the first ever Prophet on Earth. The messenger of the God of Heaven, he illuminated people on Tengri.

“Central Asian peoples have composed many legends about Gheser and his holy deeds. True, Gheser's name has been modified over the centuries, by accident or intent, to Keder or even Khyzer, which is now his most common name among the Turkic people. And he is now best remembered in association with Tengri, the God of Heaven.

“Gheser is a wise guardian of life on Earth. An immortal hero, who to some people is a bearded old man leaning on his staff, and a strong young man brimming with health and vigour to others.”

As the Son of the Unbegotten, Gheser’s mission in life was to teach the nations of the world the arts of civilization: agriculture; the manufacture of wines and liquors, home building; music, etc. Somewhere along the way, his name changed to Krist/Krista, the Double-Headed Eagle sun god; Dionysius; Apollo; Mexico’s Quetzalcoatl; the Mayan Kukulkan, our Jesus Christ, etc.

Being the teacher of agriculture, he told the people when to plant and when to harvest. The world’s first calendar is named after him. The GEZER CALENDAR is even now the official Jewish calendar. It is presently on display in the archeological museum of Istanbul, Turkey.

Who can say when these Kuru immigrants in ancient Palestine became Jews? However, in Christ’s time, the three most prevalent Jewish sects were the Aramaic-speaking Karaites or Chaldeans, Rabbinical Abrahamic Judaism, and Samaritans. According to our Bible, the Samaritans were not well-liked during Jesus’ time. During Christ’s time, the Aramaic-speaking Karaites formed a significant part of the Jewish population, said to consist of more than forty percent of the population. However, today there are left an estimated 2,000 Karaites in the USA, about 100 families in the native land of the Kurus, Istanbul, Turkey, and about 12,000 in Israel. The Samaritans have been whittled down to just 700 people. These three sects differed in their different interpretations of the Bible and had their own synagogues. The Karaites, the sect to which Jesus probably belonged, additionally conducted their services in Aramaic.

Do you remember the religious leader and fanatic, David Koresh, who was killed in the Waco disaster? He thought he was Jesus Christ, for Koresh is an Aramaic title of “king.” Therefore, David Koresh indicates that Jesus was a descendant of King David. Does this mean that David was also a Karaite?

Actually, neither history nor the Bible seems to distinguish between the Karaites and the Rabinnical Abrahamic sect because they were so nearly alike in their respective doctrines. There seems to have been no contention between them. All their hate was directed toward the Samaritans.

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