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From Websters online:
"1 a : being entirely without fault or defect : FLAWLESS <a perfect diamond> b : satisfying all requirements : ACCURATE c : corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept <a perfect gentleman> d : faithfully reproducing the original"

In the "what is truth" thread, adequatedane wrote:

"Hi jestahley3
The problem is that perfection doesn't exist. Nothing in this dimension is perfect(faultless or always without fault).No one can find anything perfect. It doesn't exist. Everything in our world has flaws or faults at some time or another. Perfection is an illusion. To seek perfection is to understand and accept that everything and everyone is imperfect."
We seem to use this concept of perfection as something which is unattainable for everything in the universe. If nothing is perfect, then what exactly is this non-entity we call perfection? And if perfection doesn't exist, then what is imperfection? If perfection does exists, where is it? and how is it different from imperfection? Flaws? What constitutes a flaw? Bear in mind, I'm not talking about manufactured goods like a three-legged chair here.

Is the universe flawed? If so, how? What do hydrogen atoms lack to make them imperfect? Or waves? (or wavicles!) What requirements are not satisfied by our planet to support life? To what standard must I hold my cat to judge him imperfect? Being healthy, it looks like a perfect cat to me: four legs, meows, eats, sleeps, hunts, sleeps, uses the litter box, sleeps...
And what is it that makes humans so imperfect? Behaviour? That's way too subjective. Are we really suppose to be elephants? Why is a human not considered a perfect example of a human? What are the standards for humans?

So, what is the definition of perfect we are using here and does perfection exist or not?


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