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Hello all.
Watching the news or read the paper has become impossible for me these days - it just makes me too depressed to read and hear about all the grief and suffering that humankind inflicts on each other (and other creatures, for that matter!) - there are "mothers" - I don't think these women deserve the title - who encourage children to beat another child unconcious; there are terror attacks and uncountable other acts of violence all over the world.
And so much violence is due to religion in the broadest sense of the word.

I almost come to the conclusion that maybe humankind (and maybe the whole Mother Earth) would be much better off if H.Sapiens wouldn't have 'invented' (or discovered, if you like) religion at all...
maybe they wouldn't kill everything including their sisters and brothers...
or would they find yet another "cause" to kill...
Any thoughts?

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