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Hi Guy,

The reason why the early Church disallowed the reading of the Bible was because the Church was teaching concepts not supported by the Bible.

Gnosis is such a broad term, it literally means "knowledge", usually of an esoteric nature but gnostic beliefs can also be used for self serving agendas, rather than for the needs of others and this kind of gnosticism is just as wrong as Chrisitan fundamentalism.

The fact is that we are all alientated from how the world should be, which at the present time is not "as above so below".

IMO, mankind on its own will never free itself from the might and injustices of the state without something greater than itself intervening and setting things straight and this is what the true Gnostic prays for. It is what the beginning of the Lord's Prayer is all about (Let your Kingdom come, let your Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven) but this belief has been conveniently hijacked by the Church and watered down, in its compromised relationship with the State, so the masses never learned this concept in its true meaning, it was hoodwinked.

A certain stream of Gnosticism believes that the God of the Bible is the villain but our world system has been inspired by the Serpent, not the God of the Bible. This form of Gnosticism has in fact allowed for the philosophy that has shaped our modern civilisation and I think this is what Jer was alluding to.

It's a very big subject and a very serious issue.


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