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You stated:

"the fact that deep seeded human carnality will never let us fully advance to that level, (Ananda's "healing and a more human sense of community" ) therefore, the carnality of gnosis would stand as a circular pattern, ending up right smack in the humanistic determinism belief of "Do what thou whilst, which is the whole of the law"
Unfortunely, this reasoning is cloaked in the "altruism" argument, for which Richard Dawkins is famous.
But if there were ever such a case for carnal pride and greed, gnosis would be it! "


Some people hold that Human Nature is hopelesly irrepairable, and that only by admitting our "helplessness" and "unworthiness" and submitting to the fundamentalists' "Born Again" concept, can one attain that "healing". That is a Belief system, whose logic is based on a Meme which employs selective evidence from life, (Humankind's Failings, as opposed to our positive attributes), and subscribes this to a literal and fundamentalist interpretation of of the Bible. Hence, based on what is declared (Believed but not proven :) ), to be The Word Of God, fundamentalist logic's roots are founded more on Belief than anything else. So, it is a religiously conditional "hope", rather than a humanistic and instinctive hope for all that is instinctively Whole and Good in Mankind.

Religions often have such Belief-driven and exclusively conditional systems. For Religion is Man-Made, but God is not. Many religions are self assured in believing that theirs is the exclusive "Way" - they claim exclusive access to God. Thus, fundamentalism cannot tolerate any other concepts, and is prone to (irrational) condemnation and rejection of these.

So, Gnosis is adjudged by Biblical Christian Belief as being heretical and deviant - because a group of politically-minded bishops held a council and made contemporary and convenient decisions as to what constituted the Bible and what did not. But much later, more recent finds of lost Gospels are now questioning the validity of their decision. This questioning is unsettling for Fundamentalists, as its mentioning of concepts such as alleged Reincarnation, are alien to their fundamentalist interpretation of the current Biblical collection, and it challenges core tenets of their Meme. Bear in mind that the current "Word", though admittedly with many flowers amongst its notable thorns of self contradiction, has beeen differently interpreted thoughout history. At one time, in fact, the Bible could not be read by ordinary people, so they were reliant on what was selectively fed to them by a sometimes corrupt and power-loving clergy. A bit of a Spiritual Lottery, in fact.

The current Fundamentalist Movements' version of Christianity has been variously refined from Protestant Christianity since Luther. But it owes much today to American Presenter-style "Evangelists", who are said to use psychological tricks and emotional pressure - and some of these modern day "preachers", like those corrupt clergy of old, have been seduced by the power and wealth. Fundamentalists should take note.

Flowers are so beautiful. They grow everywhere - a churchyard, a garden, a forest, on hillsides; and the best ones are free of those thorns which I spoke of above.


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