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My understanding of the current calendar origin is that it is based on the AE calendar dated back to 4241-02, 03 BC or there about (sirius rising every 1460 years which was at that year in time). However, the current calendar zero year BC is based on the date of Adam's arrival according to biblical chronology.

In early 1999, I happened upon a surprising coincidence which leads me to believe that the zero-Adam date (plus or minus a year or two or so) has esoteric significance for the present year to be "as it is" 6004-05, 06 or there about.

The coincidence occurred to me like a bolt of light. It happened while I was reading Zechariah Sitchin's book, The Cosmic Code (Pub. Oct. 1998).It has to do with the AE calendar, the Hebrew/Jewish calendar, and our Common era calendar "speaking" to us regarding the end-time. Which also provides evidence that Whoever wrote bible chronology, knew the end from the beginning. The coincidence is that the The AE calendar dating began 240 years prior to Adam-time, whereas the Hebrew/Jewish calendar began counting its year, 240 years subsequent to Adam-time. Thus highlighting 240 years on either side of zero-Adam.

When the CE year 2000 (i.e. 6000 yrs. Adam) arrived , the Hebrew/Jewish calendar coincided with the year 5760, exactly 240 year spread. Thus ending-time in a 240 digit completed circularity of 360 degrees.

If you were to draw a circle and divide the circumference of the circle into 24 segments, each segment will be 15 degrees. Each segment will represent one 240 year period of time. It will also be like our every day clock of 24 hours in the day. The exception is that this clock will be like that used in the military with 0000 - 2400 hrs. Beginning at 0000 Adam-time around the completed 24 hour clock will be 24 segments times 240 years Hebrew/Jewish equals 5760 years. Tehn take the CE calendar year will be 250 years to each segment times 24 segments equals 6000 years. Both arriving at end-time.


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