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There is a Natural - Dominate - role for either Male or Female characteristics, as these traits of the differentiations of the self , are not illusionary one’s, but are very real ones, all with or without biology as a realized vehicle to express them from within, at least to help one conscious to express them in a more dramatic way /form than was possible before the self was imported into the finite life, as male or female.

The Reincarnation of Self, is done between what is the Natural Part of the Universal Differentiations of the Male-Female expression that is each personifications natural origins. We are one or the other, not moving into the other. A person is truly an Individual, not an individual who may choose which character traits best fits there mode of importation.

A person , or an conscious force living as an species within the animal kingdom , none does simply move’s back and forth sexes as self, within time and space, not as either a man , or a women or male-female relationship of any species, having an experience of self using biology as a means of a vehicle for that imaged expression of self.
Once enhoused in biology though, with this tools naturally placed building blocks and these particle limitations of energy uses, of that time bound vehicle , the body, it can and often does, have flaws in it’s constructions relating to the male -female roles, that is more or less meant as a vehicle for either the male or female dominate personality traits.
This, uncertainty of ones correct role , then leads to a confusion in the mind of that mortal mind enhoused in that vehicle with imperfect definition of the traits of self , ones relating as to there true selves, the worldly natural inclinations . The male -female relationship.

But, even with this sort of ‘Imperfection ‘, of the vehicles of expression of self in time and space ,it is still a natural flaw , not a flaw in design to be confused with a defaulted human or animal or as a retarded person of species , but rather these peoples or animals imperfect housings character traits only adds another way to life an idealistic dimension to the drama of living themself as a self living the experience out -side of the realm of totality. In Totality there is not as clearly a defined role of self as there is once imported into the finite realm.
Sadly though, most of these people, who are now living within an imperfect form, defined as a male or female , these people are usually having an unhappy sort of feeling about them self in their own personified roles in the human drama . They live confused in the correct roles that they should attempt to live.
However , the fact is that Life is before this life came into being for us, wasn’t so well defined either when it comes to ‘self ‘.
Here in this life time, is self’ finally’ able to live with the illusion, that Life is quite finite , that death is real , that self is separated of others by a means of energies of time and space. This Life , no matter our imperfect self , whatever those might be, and they are many.
The Male-Female aspects of Living, these are just as ‘Naturally’ important and un-changeable ones as is the Positive and negative energy fields charges of the particle universe itself, in gravity that is the forces that created the realm of the ...Finite Things.

The actual roles a person might be placed in, as a time bound finite , these just depends on what was meant to be for you to act out ...random ones or your planned destiny.

The Individual , the force that is you, is an Always present consciousness. You can exist on a world that has for you the ability of using the forces that comprises the material world of biology as a means for your self-expression to be realized as a drama of self in time and space if blessed , so to speak.
That is blessed by your’s and others ability to create and uphold that worlds ability of importation.
Or you might exist on a world without that ability and wait countless ages for a New Beginning or Re-Birth chances for your self expression to become realized.


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