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> I'm not familiar with the censor concept in this context.
> Hopefully you can do a better job than I did explaining who
> Pinker is :)

Hi Dominick, well you didn't explain who Pinker was and even if I do a search there's no guarantee I will get a clear picture of the point you were going to make. Censor is a function of the psyche that obscures painful repressed emotions in obscured symbolic expressions to allow the individual to confront the repressed theme without confronting the pain attached to it.

> Equalibrium need some more dimension and something more than
> a cause and effect dance we might be moving towards. It's
> not just equalibrium is it? It's also progress and/or
> evolution too. That adds a more color to the big questions
> about who or what is experiencing the "caring."

I'm using equilibrium here as balance. Balance is an aspect of the psyche, I believe that is an aspect of the mandala symbol, I didn't mean it to exclude an other concepts.
> > "Furthermore, the religious function within human pyches
> > seems to care for the inner space of the human (irrespective
> > to the person's religious beliefs)!"
> >
> > I agree, the symbolism and the context of the expression in
> > the unconscious is universal (archetypical) autonomous, and
> > the rest of it is local feathers. What is interesting as well
> > is that I would dream of discussing say alchemy with arabs in
> > egypt (which happened) and it has nothing to do with my
> > geographical orientation.

> Ok. what does that mean to you now and has it always meant
> the same thing to you.....and then I guess we go back to
> equalibrium and evolution.
> If you want to use that as an example.

It means that I am dreaming of images that have no geographic relationship to myself and have no specific connection to my actual religous history. So the choice of images expressed are operating on a broader range than just the individual. That was the point.

> > "Is this not a display of personality in the universe? And
> > where is this display of personality coming from if it is
> > from without instead of from within (as Jung theorized)?"
> >
> > Well that is a loaded question Dominick! The answer to that
> > has to first take into account your entire view of opposites
> > (Gnostic? Christian? Moslem? Athiest? ect...) and then
> > provide the answer from there. There is definitely a duality
> > and if the language of these symbols from the unconscious are
> > correct then the universal goal of consciousness and dare I
> > say 'enlightenment' rests in the fusion or balance of
> > opposites. (We're going to have to get a thread going here on
> > the mandala archetype.)
> This chair of a statement is missing some legs. Would giving
> it some more legs be answering the questions dealing with how
> individuals evolve towards equalibrium? What are the fruits
> of enlightement: material, mental, spiritual. If Jung's
> theory was profoundly affirming the existence of the
> spiritual aspects of reality and menatality then, it doesn't
> go much beyond that in answering these questions, IMO.

Like I mentioned earlier, you're assuming I am pinning everything on the word "equlibrium' or 'balance'. It's only an aspect of the thinking. (What have you read by Jung btw?)

> > "Well, some answers may lie in the many ways of describing
> > "local, universal products of the psyche." In a nutshell,
> > universal symbolism may also come from Cosmic Mind as we have
> > tentatively defined it here. IE we are beginning to define
> > the concept of revelation quite different from the religious
> > institutional definitions of revelation......what do you all
> > think?"
> >
> > When you say 'revelation' are you saying that we are not
> > dependent exterior or 'organized' sources for a greater view
> > of the big picture? Well I guess that's somewhat gnostic and
> > I have to agree with it in that regard but only speaking for
> > myself - nobody else.
> I'm talking about exterior from a without (as opposed to
> within) a human being. Rough analogies abound like the radio
> and transceiver, the gaia consciousness....

Both aspects are taken into account in archytypical symbolism as Jung put forward. Within, without, above, below.

> ...Jung theoriezed thes symbols bubbled up from the
> unconscious but one of the affects of post young with quantum
> physics is the theory that these symbols and synthesis or
> caring is coming from outside the pysche and not just from
> within. So yes, definately exterior, and in loving
> relationship to Cosmic Mind....
> Humans wouldn't be able to be in relationship to Cosmic Mind
> if it wasn't endowed with something within though, as well.....

I agree. There's an inner and outer connection.

> Dom

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