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> How to begin to chart the unknown . . .
> We gotta have a known or fixed starting point or beginning.
> We gotta have an invariable direction of travel to keep our
> paths, for the most part, straight. Finally, we gotta have a
> rule by which to measure our progress.
> 1. Known or fixed starting point.
> 2. Perceptible, single object marking or encompassing the
> direction of travel.
> 3. Rule to chart progress.
> Three things -- with the caveat that we must be able to
> return from whence we started, otherwise, for all intents and
> purposes, we are "lost."

Fair enough...

> Consider the Judeo-Christian tradition in which these three
> things are first lined out, chronologically, in the book of
> Moses, called Genesis:
> Day 1-2: A division of the waters above and below on the
> vertical, bisected by a division of the waters by the dry
> land on the horizontal. "x" marks the spot. (Gen 1:6-12)

As above so below....

> Day 3: A close examination of Genesis, Chapter 2, places the
> Adam formed of the dust and given the breath of God "eastward
> in Eden," and establishes the cardinal points with a river
> that "went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence
> it was parted, and became into four heads . . . " (Gen 2:8-10).

OK they're drawing a mandala or quartered circle and establishing east as a direction of birth, not an uncommon idea...

> Day 4: Finally, back to Chapter 1, the rule to chart
> progress is established with "the greater light to rule the
> day, and the lesser light to rule the night . . ." (Gen 1:16).

Sun and Moon or Sol and Luna, defining opposites.

> Day 5-6: It is only after this basis by which to chart the
> unkown -- this basis by which to KNOW -- does God create the
> variety of "moving creature that hath life" (Gen 1:20-31).

Ok the opposites have been defined and have an interrelationship in action.

> For me and my preference for deductive reasoning, this is the
> "global" or the "bigger picture" Paul Mallon refers to in his
> autism thread. It begins with God, and on this basis do I
> divide (divine?) the difference between truth and error.
> Enter the serpent, who convinced Adam and Eve after the
> foundations were laid that their basis by which to chart the
> unknown -- their basis by which to KNOW things -- should be
> themselves. Perhaps a clue as to the symbolism of the dual
> serpent superimposed and intertwining the straight shaft?

I agree, it represents the division of unity (the central staff) into a duality that is active (the two serpents). A reduction of what is infinite to finite. Read the comments on Kundilini yoga and the 3 major forces in that thread I linked to. Think about the magic dual between Moses and the Egyptian priests where his one staff devoured the 2 others. It's mentioned on the that thread also. Theres an interesting similarity in the symbolism.

> Let's look at Hermes and the Caduceus:
> "Being the herald (messenger of the gods), it was his duty to
> guide the souls of the dead down to the underworld, which is
> known as a psychopomp. He was also closely connected with
> bringing dreams to mortals. Hermes is usually depicted with a
> broad-brimmed hat or a winged cap, winged sandals and the
> heralds staff (kerykeion in Greek, or Caduceus in Latin). It
> was often shown as a shaft with two white ribbons, although
> later they were represented by serpents intertwined in a
> figure of eight shape, and the shaft often had wings
> attached. The clothes he donned were usually that of a
> traveler, or that of a workman or shepherd. Other symbols of
> Hermes are the cock, tortoise and purse or pouch."

He was also seen as a mediator between heaven and earth.

> Further, it is suggested Hermes was originally a phallic god,
> "being attached to fertility and good fortune, and," (not
> without significance to charting the unknown) "also a patron
> of roads and boundaries."

He was also represented similar a Janus figure with two heads in regards to the 'roads and boundaries' idea.
> []
> Note that in the foregoing the serpents and wings are
> suggested as being a later addition, which might help explain
> this image provided by Sparky of the Djed Pillar:
> []
> A rather thick, vertical shaft draped with white (albeit
> decorated) ribbon. No serpents.
> I've hardly presented enough to go on as far as "evidence" is
> concerned, but it wouldn't suprise me if the prevalence of
> the serpent motif in traditions the world over hasn't always
> been consequent to an after-the-fact insinuation. If you
> build it, they will come . . .
> Was the Yogic tradition always coterminous with the Hindu?

I think that the Yoga tradition has several schools and the teachings have been associated with India mainly.
> Mark

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