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Do you mind if I ask, in a post about “theology” what people are you talking about?
Questions always welcome! The topic is Theology' and as I said in the OP, I think it is a non-subject. How can something, or the nature of that something, that does not exist be studied in the first place?

Theology is an academic discipline.
Okay, but what is it that all these people taking a degree in it are studying? Well, the answer is they are learning about, reading what others have thought and written on this non-subject, discussing what all these others have thought and written and adding a few more thoughts and ideas of their own, based on what? Something that does not exist in reality, but only as an idea in the minds of humans. Do you think you can show otherwise?

Are you trying to talk about specific theologians you might have known? If so, can you name them?
No and I do not know any personally. I would love to have the chance to discuss with a professor of theology what is at the basis of their academic studies and the only evidence they will have are the written down thoughts of others, not one of whom has ever been in contact with any being or spirit or whatever. They may well believe that they have been and are, but how would they bhe able to show someone like me that they were right or that I am wrong?!!

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