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Hello everyone - I'm currently looking into this topic for some current cultural research, and I was hoping someone here might share their stories and myths they know of or have heard about, from various regions or areas or peoples or tribes.

I'm really looking for any kind of creation stories and myths which specifically involve the ideas of death, or people becoming mortal.

The Garden of Eden is our most famous example, but in our time period this aspect of the fall (involving mortality) doesn't seem as stressed as much as the more generalized and nebulous idea of "paradise lost". The story doesn't talk about immortality in a direct way, but rather describes the mortal life of mankind as punishment - through describing the way which this came to be. The most explicit reference to "living forever" is at the very end of the story, and this reference is in regards to the tree of life, which is denied to man after he eats of the tree of good and evil.

However this idea of "the fall" is also found in other cultures. There are other ideas and other ways of telling similar stories as well. In particular, the idea of people becoming mortal or the beginning of death is often found alongside these creation stories.

If you have anything to share about this topic, please comment!

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