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My son says it is going to rain tomorrow. We have had a lot of rain, but that's normal.

Yes, my girlfriend and I write in Danish. Just change the keypad with one click. She can just as easily write in English, but I have nobody else to write Danish with these days, so it is quite fun.
Danish must be very hard to learn as an adult. Mary, the crown princess, born in Tasmania, learnt it. She is lovely.
I like your Kathy too, and Meghan. And the prince brothers. All the stupid gossip from the media trying to ruin their lives!

Cheers, GG.

Glass Jigsaw Wrote:
> Well, I'm retired and still don't know what I want
> to be when I grow up. We had inkwells too, we
> weren't allowed to use ballpoint pens only
> fountain pens.
> I seemed to have a steady job PLUS a crazy job.
> Never wanted to work in an office, or 9-5 so did
> flexi hours or late shifts. I managed 3 months of
> a 9-5 then quit. Having all the free time meant I
> could take up job offers on top, which paid more
> than the steady job. Lots of one off things. I
> used to take time out as well to travel or study,
> or just have fun.
> Not quite sure how, but it worked out fine. I
> don't like to plan. I retired early as well. I
> wanted to move.
> Spring sounds lovely there. I wish I could see
> your skies for a change from ours. How nice to
> have your long time friend, must be interesting
> seeing where Life took you both. Do you write in
> Danish ? Such a difficult language.
> The children here do a lot of outdoor things and
> many start their own companies young. It's good to
> see.One of my neighbours makes flower arrangements
> and bouquets etc for the Royal Household at 19.
> She has a real talent.
> Have fun
> Yve

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