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Really like your post*......
Ya...You get it.

In defence of Everyone saying W@......we All can't be adepts.... In the Knowledge of the God's.

Yes......Our World at Present in its Chaos condition, ....that's a Kodak of any Ancient in
Angst over the Universe around scaring the Horus outta them.

And in Lockdown. ....I bet the Frequency and Duration of Cerebral energy interface was/is huge.

Consider the Fear of the Import that if your not Saved*.....You get left behind,
Here are the evidences in advance ....prophetically.
One could say that's just Propoganda.

Yes....reduced to an ident in a program....yes....Add run program.

The Mind reels when copeing with Fear.

Lol....There's the Fear that Velikovsky pointed's become Cultures in Amnesia.
To the Fear of Today.... that instantly you could be ....Cut Off!


Our path to the Future now mimics how much Sci Fi predictive programing?
Recently watched Star Trek first series.... in its special digital upgrade
( and Wow is Right....Awesome visuals and sound .

Will of Landru episode. ...
Talking Computer Hologram ....which is Global power.....threatening

If Fauci isn't this....

Back to the King,Pyramid and Star.

People's need to Connect Consciousness Beckons Them.

People understand so much,....desire more,,...yet recognize there is usually procedures and rules type thing.

My laptop has older Internet icon vs my more current browsers.

* You are Out of Date T must comply,..
Here's your upgrade...

Today....we are continually manipulated at a pace where one is swept allong,
Except for when they sweep you in a box for Lockdown.

So....Today's people are directing their minds to the present planetary madness outbreak.

Papyrus Ipuwer type crushing ,

Lamentations and Energy building to ....Change What's Occuring!

Ya....suddenly it's Words chanted ....Prayer,the Witchcraft the Cerebral Telecasting....

We don't like being knocked around like this.

Yes.....Somethings trying to control us.

T Bird

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