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Mental faculty
Intelligence has been defined in many ways: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.

GG: There is this big question about what rules everything, and also what started everything. Is it chance or is it intelligence?
Neither of the two words can or should be put into a being in the sky on a throne. So where either of them would reside is still a big question that has not been resolved in my opinion.

I go with intelligence, but can't explain where it is. I myself have a little bit of it, and some of it is in my head, but a lot of it is also in my body, in all the cells, without me, my head having any say over it. I wouldn't have a clue how to maintain my body in all the details, except for trying to eat the "right " things according to my culture, clean it, exercise it and give it rest.
All the other things it does by its own intelligence.

Any comments?


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