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I first came across NDEs in the last century with the now famous 1975 best seller 'Life after Life' by an American called Dr J R Moody. But a few years later I came across another book on NDEs called 'Truth in the Light' (1995) by UK Doctor Peter Fenwick it was a study of some 300 NDEs. Both books touched on experiences some of which I had experienced myself and I enjoyed reading them. At the time of writing his book he was a Neuropsychologist working out of Maudsley Hospital, which is a British psychiatric hospital. He has also worked in many Hospices and has gathered a lot of data about Dying. The 'hospice movement' is an umbrella term for the growth of 'End of life and palliative care services in the UK over the past 50 years. They try to help people ease through their final days, in a calming and pleasant environment. It receives some government money but has to rely on charity to make ends meet, our local Hospice is Myton hospice in Warwick.
In 2008 dr Fenwick published another book called the 'Art of Dying' and I wanted to let people on the forum know about. So for those interested here is 2 links one to a TED talk called 'The art of Dying well' and is 9.24min and if you wanted to dig a bit deeper an interview with him called 'What really happens when you die' 59 mins I highly recommend both, the later covering his studies within Various Hospices since the 1990s.Patients who are sent to hospices are going to die they have no chance of recovery so it is a very different scenario from many NDEs such as a car crash or other trauma. The interview reveals the many surprising cultural differences in NDEs, in hunter gatherer communities they don't go through a tunnel but as in one case the man paddled his canoe to a paradise island. Another notable experience was of a man who experienced a hell like place, where he experienced heat and devils pricking him with spears, this turned out to be just the treatments he was receiving and the spears were just the nurses giving him injections. I shall let the good doctor speak for himself. He recommends teaching about death to children in schools? These u tube vids highlight the work of these hard working Hospice nurses and doctors caring for our relatives and friends as they face the final adventure.
The final border [] 23.11 mins
What really happens when you Die [] 59min

'This place is only a dream only a sleeper considers it real then comes death like dawn and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief' Rumi

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