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Hi Itatw70s,

I finished the document yesterday and no, I didn't find any other pluralities in the script or any further quotes that would be a smoking gun.

However the document is the most eye opening historical version of events that I have ever seen. There are tons of hidden meanings - to me they are nothing but lies because there is no way that any person generations later reading these doctrines that is able to understand the hidden meanings unless they were indoctrinated in the Gnosticism during the time. Not to say Gnostic documents but the true real Gnostic development that specifically came out of the Greek manipulating these early Jewish-Christian gospels.

One example is Mary Magdalene. This gospels speaks much about her. Well in the church tradition - Mary was sent away to France and exiled. Well, in this gospel there is a pathetic humorous rendering of how God took Mary away but nobody knew where. Unfortunately to all these miracle loving Christian hopefuls these days, there are actual real historical answers that are true accounts history, long lost if all the garbled documents filled with lies and hidden meanings - every modern Christian is heading for a complete shock and I am very secure in this knowledge.

For anyone that wants to read this amazing literacy please search for the Gospel of the Holy 12 on the Reluctant Messenger website. You will find references to the marriage of Christ and Mary Magdalene at the wedding of Cana, you will find that it was not Christ who cursed the fig tree but it was Peter, and Christ gave Peter a lecture for doing so, and amongst other things you will find that the Greek interpolation of plagiarism and falsifying documents is so prevalent in this document that at times every other paragraph is written by a Jewish stance and then a Roman-Greek stance right after. This when analyzed as a whole gives the obvious reality that the gospels we have in today's bible are dishonest if not outright works of fiction.

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