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I apologize for my delay in response. I truly did not expect any replies and if there was, I surely didn't expect a warm welcome and a thoughtful community of individuals who are open minded. The past few forums I have encountered were negative so I have been looking for a forum to reside. After realizing the mature approach here I would very much like to write here. First and foremost, I have to give respect to Mr. Hancock whom I love because if it weren't for him - some of us (including myself) may not have been helped onto the path of truth, regarding the ancient megaliths all over the world (and even apparently on mars) because this long narrow path is so phenomenal there are no words to describe.

The discernment and interpretation of this early scroll even in regards to the scribe making errors is significant to the point of excitement because it is more evidence that the evident reality that the whole world has it wrong. I very much understand Itatw70s impression of 'that's it?' Why would I be so excited from these minor details? The reason is because I have discovered many cases that support a different history than what the world thinks, I didn't write them all down though.

I am going to reply with yet one more instance of having two of the same verses at different parts of this Aramaic version of the gospel. This tells me that yes, it is very true the canonical gospels were written generations after the ascension of Christ (the Greeks used the word 'resurrection' which is incorrect), but that there were other gospels which we have no idea about - that were written Before the canonical gospels in the languages of Aramaic and Hebrew.

This really blows the lid because the Hebrew version of the Ant. from Flavius Josephus is admitted to be lost in history, scholars also claim that it would have been very different as the document we have today is directed to the Greeks. The lesser known fact is that Josephus wrote different versions of his work in Latin, in Russian, and other languages that were all different from each other. The Russian work of Josephus has a ton of information about John the Baptist that the others do not. When you look at all the works of Josephus in those different languages it is clear to see that this near-ancient historian was not honest by any means. Of that day clearly, those in power took advantage of the general public who could not read.

Some of the very best secrets regarding the evidence is in the testimonies of some of the early church fathers who quoted fragments of the Hebrew written gospels that have been lost today. The gospels that we have fragments of are Gospel of the Nazoreans, the Gospel of the Ebionites, and the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew (which apparently still exists in a rare book that is not written in English). Scholars have gathered all the quotes together from these particular early church fathers such as Jerome and Hippolytus and have summarized them. They have extremely good information.

Thank you,

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