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I continue my studies of the brain.

Here is a premise that Raymond Cattel and John Horn applied to Intelligence:


If you can tolerate a one-page description of intelligence from Wikipedia, then you can assess whether a scientific base is involved, or not.

I gave you an explanation, above, of intelligence to exclaim that research IS being done to assess intelligence in a wide range of people. Some people ARE CONTINUING THEIR EDUCATION IN FIELDS OF MENTAL CAPACITIES. I find it difficult to accept that those who do not, or will not, explore the INFINITE CAPACITIES of the Human mind are digressing into Narcissism. Who can learn from a STATIC point of view? I study to know what and how the brain elaborates it's faculties on an everyday basis.

When I reached my last two years in high school, I APPLIED MYSELF like never before. I was determined to graduate no matter what.

Today, I study the brain and its correlate, the Mind. You may not accept the idea that personal education is paramount to a high intelligence, but I too am convinced that other posters here are INCREASING THEIR INTELLIGENCE, as you also, AS PROOF THAT THERE IS A VERY HAIR-THIN difference between the crystallized intelligence and the fluid intelligence described in the link above.

Crystallized intelligence continues to learn new things and is EVIDENT in a person's life. Fluid intelligence is the ABILITY to utilize one's knowledge in superfluous situations, like this Forum for instance. It is not how much one knows, but how one uses what one already has.

Your examination, above, seems to miss the point of my post. Obviously, I do not use the english language in exactly the same way that you do.

When I said, "we cannot exclude our intimate participation in every test of the physical phenomena", I was stating that as long as we live in a material universe, we are participating throughout every second of life from birth to death. What you said, "We don't 'participate' in tests unless we choose to do so AFTER the idea, the hypothesis, the experiments, have been thought of and devised by [us]".

I clearly was not understood by you, but I will say that we participate in the material universe whether we like it or not. That was my meaning.

That's all I will respond to. I will not exhaust myself over trivialities of language use. If I cannot be understood, then that is the malady of COMMUNICATION proper. If we go on like this, we will get nowhere.

The burden is on me to clarify. I know this. But consider the link above: crystalyzed or fluid intelligence. Which is prefered, the crystalized INHERENT knowledge that accumulates over a lifetime, or the fluid practical reasoning aspect of intelligence? I think they call it crystalized because each of us moves into a path of repetition, even though we add congruent knowledge to that base of personal interest. I prefer the fluid, reasoning aspect of mind, which is why there is so much misunderstanding here on this Forum. Not everybody is careful to present a clean script as I do. I use the preview function always to present my posts.

You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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