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so how do you personally feel about this tale of gloom and darker gloom? Do you not see anywhere the natural buoyancy of spirit we humans possess? The fact that we all listen to music, on radio, in concert halls, in opera houses, on personal devices; that we sing and dance because that is an essential part of our survival traits; that we love to hear stories, to use our imaginations to think of an infinite number of things that are impossible; that we love to hear of the never-endingly impressive achievements in science and technology and listen avidly to info about the events in space. All these are indications of the natural feelings of ordinary people.

Yes, there is greed and all the other things, but the vast majority of ordinary people do NOT inflict mindless harm on others, and want, and yearn for a quiet life in which to raise their families. They do their best to work towards this.

Where do you think your OP will lead in the way of discussion? If you have just put it there as an example of wonderful poetry, which is always entirely subjective, then this is not the place for it I think. You need to start a non0participatory blog


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