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I walked to the Leisure Centre, spent 45 minutes exercising, taxi to the Bank then walked home. I am now having a coffee and have the time to respond to this post of yours which I read before I went out.

This is simple. What are our relationships WORTH?
Synthetic Dave, because this is being typed on a document, said ‘All caps’ so I know the last two words are in caps. Why?
There is no intrinsic worth to anything. Any value we attach to anything is decided by us. Relationships one values are nurturedand cherished, such as mine with the members of my family with whom I am in regular contact. I have many long-time friends- although not so many as years ago because quite a few have died - and we communicate often. We do not visit so much – distances, age and infirmities means we do not expect each other to travel.
I am very fortunate in having many local friends, the tap dance group for a start, whose company brightens my life. I think I cheer them up too!

Do we go about neglecting and negating our "others"? Do we "show them" what we're made of? That could be fangs of the snake, or the generous licking of the dog upon our faces.
What that means, I really don’t know, but as I have always been fortunate enough to make and keep friends, I presume it is because I take them as they are and do not take advantage of their friendship, although I/we know we could if needed.

What shall we do with the others in our lives? Does anybody actually CARE about those who participate on this forum?
That’s an interesting point. I am grateful for their presence and their posts, whether I read them or not. There is much that I have learnt on most of the boards – I stay well away from several! – and have requested and received answers to questions at times. I have been in e-mail correspondence with some and am very grateful for what one poster is doing for me at the moment.
Do I care about them? Yes and no. Yes, because they are real people who have enabled me to maintain an interest in discussion of all sorts of things. I would be sad to hear of the misfortunes or death of quite a few. If the forum ceased to function, I would miss it very much, but not ever having physically met any of its members, it would be a memory that faded.

Are we here to listen to the wisdom of another,
That depends on each of us as individuals. As far as I’m concerned, if I hear wise words, I pay attention.

or dash them upon the rocks at the shoreline?
If anyone thinks that, then it is an interpretation of their own.

Do we "instruct" or empathize with the other?
Most decidedly not instruct. This is not a school or a teaching forum of any sort. Not one of us is designated as teacher or student.
Whether we empathise, or sympathise, or neither, with the writer of a post is a personal choice. We are not here to take on any particular role.

Why are we here? To aggrandize ourselves, or to actually learn ANYTHING that appears here?
If anyone is here to aggrandise themselves, then they are in the wrong place, and their posts will probably be observed as doing that and responded to in a way that will be clear, although probably not to the individual concerned.
It is an entirely personal choice if people are here to learn. This is not a forum to instruct, however, it is a forum to discuss, and I think you have never quite got that point.

Why do I care? I care because I have ALWAYS GIVEN MY EAR TO PEOPLE I'VE MET in my life.
How much care you give to what you do here is another personal choice. As far as I’m concerned, this forum has a place in my lifewhich is important for reasons of my very restricted life, but I am a complete person without it and I do not need it to give me happiness, or a meaning to my life, or to boost my self confidence, or to provide support.

Is this discussion or despair on this forum? What can be made of this precious format of communication?
The main thing not to use it as is as personal support therapy, or a prop.[

Is it not FAIR to ask if this matter of relationship metamorphize into a very real conversation of what REALLY MATTERS: INTERACTION OF SELVES toward a common goal. To interact with interest and genuine care for the intelligence of the OTHER is the ONLY GAME in this whole wide World!!!! We are estimated by our disposition.
You need to make that section clear by re-writing it in straightforward, clear Englishif you want people to respond. It is at the moment confusing.

We cannot have a long journey without cooperation and empathy for another vision of life.
And you cannot turn this forum into a personal blog, with far too many starting posts which lack a clear theme and are too long.

If we don't SEE, then we don't KNOW what is ahead of us. We could be wrong about our APPROACH toward life and living. Here on the forum it is obviously an EGO TRIP of "personalities", myself included
And here you are absolutely wrong. I’ve been here for a long time and people express their points of view, but to treat it as a central point in your life is completely misunderstanding what discussion is, or what discussion forums are.

Why? Can't there just be everday TALK? About anything?
Why the capital letters again? There is a Misc board for casual topics. Personally, I am just not interested in that.

Letters on the viewscreen? Life as it is? Too many questions? How shall we proceed? Is this just a butcher shop of people cutting meat? Or are we civilized and intelligent ABOUT MANY THINGS? I say the latter. My consciousness is just as valid as another's consciousness. It is a sporting game with "teamplayers" on two sides. Any victory belongs to the winning team, not just to any one teamplayer.

Get it?
Get what? That is a paragraph that presumably means something to you, but it is not clear to me. If it is just philosophical musing, then label it as such.

As I said above, I am very glad this forum is here and would be very sorry if it was no more – I would miss it, but I do not need it for my emotional stability, or for friendship etc. I read and post on three other forums, each quite different in character.


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