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I will go over several topics here. In the video it mentions the use of the Egyptian Royal Cubit. I think a Royal Cubit is as long as the elbow to index finger on average. I state this video is extremely convincing using Science and careful excavation.

I have often thought that the Garden of Eden was located in Eastern Turkey. So while I was going through youtube looking for documentaries regarding this theory I came across this most convincing video regarding the location of where Noah's Ark landed and was found. In addition I was questioning my Faith today, because I was having a hard time regarding the Cain and Abel story. Why where there people in Nod when the first family was obviously of Adam and Eve? I concluded to myself that Lilith could be real before Eve and had been with Adam. I'm not to sure of that story! Furthermore why did Adam not eat of the Tree of Life first? After viewing this video and Susan please Listen to the whole video, it will change your outlook maybe. This video brings science into the cause to justify that this is the location of the Ark. Graham Hancock maybe interested in this video as-well, because of his interest in Göbekli Tepe.

What I'm hoping for is if Graham does look at this post is that perhaps he may have friends who could carbon date objects from Göbekli Tepe and the Location of Noahs Ark and see if they have a similar carbon dating? If so perhaps Göbekli Tepe could be where the watchers fell and produced their giant offspring.

In the bible it states that in the end days it will be just as full of sin if not worse as in the days of Noah! The sky will be blacken in those days and if God did not intervene no flesh would live.

Knowing that Apophis the asteroid will return in 2029 if it hits then yes the sky would blacken. The question then is, is Apohis wormwood? Will this Giant asteroid if it does miss barely, will it burn our atmosphere away and off all together?

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