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You know, I've just been reading some posts on Mysteries on *Chakra trails* and I thank goodness most people do not give such totally fanciful, wishful thinking ideas time and space. The internet has revealed just how much gullibility there is around the world. At least we know its there, while I'm sure that most people assumed it wasn't. *deep sighs*

Susan , you quote redwoods entire post and believe it is "well said",
However, I did not re-read it several times!! The general theme seemed to me to be on the right lines.

... so you agree that "there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference"
Anything we humans, since evolving into a species with language, have decided to label good, bad, etc was all there before hand, but unlabelled. All behavious and reactions are natural, NONE is imposed by an outside force. Indifference is also a label for a particular attitude we humans can have and therefore cannot be qualified objectively by an adjective such as 'pitiless'.

if so, what stops a person choosing an "evil" act over a "good" act?,
if they are just human ideas in an indifferent universe, how do you choose between the two?,
The behaviours, subsequently naturally selected for and therefore survival traits, have enabled our species to survive successfully. The best way to describe them is altruistic; they benefit the group as a whole, even if not all the group members.

...and why bother at all, with anything?
Look around - there are plenty of people who don't, but society has evolved and found itself successfully adapted to care for many of such people.

why not just follow the selfish programming to the hilt, harder to climb than it is to fall,
Because if that had been the case, our species would have become extinct before it got off the ground.

maybe Hitler was an underachiever?, shoulda killed everyone?, we could sterilise this planet right now and it wouldn't make a difference to the universe,
so why don't we?, why bother at all, if its ultimately pointless?,
Those who would like to attempt such a thing are, fortunately, vastly outnumbered by those whose instincts to live and thrive prevent such a thing happening.

so how do you choose between "evil" and "good"?, and why?,
Because of the insatiable curiosity and ingenuity of members of our species, amazing equipment has been developed, built and tested which shows that the human consciousness decides what action to take a split second before the person is consciously aware of the decision. some of those who believe in some God having given the *(gift* of free will (excuse me while I weep!!) think there is some separate soul within us making decisions ... ... although totally failing of course to explain where said inner soul's own inner soul comes from!

(and what method do you use?;) )
The completely natural, evolved method which has surved us stunningly well so far, and I see no reason why it should not continue in this way. I can only mention again the book that my reader is reading to me: 'Living With The Stars' by Karel and Iris Schrijver.

Oh, and thank you for an interesting post to which to respond! Some of the stuff I've fbeen reading recently has been making me shake my head in disbelief.


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