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how can it be imagination, when everyone here is having the same, life,death,suffer,love etc. like its a common experience. like when big earthquake happens everyone feels the same experience event that happen. Again i question this cosmic source heaven and hell you humans construct from your minds imagination same thing. again where is the free will in wanting to exist and put up with some cosmic source desire cause it wanted forms of itself. THAT IS NOT FREE WILL, because some soruce thing decided to do what it did, i never asked to be created or exist and then have to put up with all this crap. when food runs out, even compassionate people will have to make some nasty decisions to protect themselves. so heaven and hell seem to go hand in hand. but this is just pain and pleasure from primitive biological responses that human have constructed into heaven hell concepts. good and bad are subjective, serial rapist killers etc found it good pleasurable to do there actions, but the victims to them very bad and pain. so this cosmic source that expanded,created,split,divided what ever it did it has some serious problems of itself. lol this cosmic source thing you humans try to explain ya just tie ya self more knots and more questions come about. because like i have said we are all the same substance, spirit, matter,stardust etc and yet this is what it does do itself, seems like this source thing is one monstrous thing. a Frankenstein of all lol. loves itself,hates itself, sex replicate with itself. just one big cannibalistic self orgy of itself,seems like its real bored with itself lol

Why should we suffer? If man is the creation of god cosmic source, universal source etc etc, god, cosmic source,universal source etc must be a rather horrible entity, a monstrous entity that is making human beings go through hell. Right? He must be total disorder because we live in disorder - if he created us. If he created us and we are killing each other through terror, bombs, kidnapping - oh, you know all the terrible things that are happening in the world. If you are created in his image, that image must be monstrous. Obviously it is quite evident that man is responsible. Nobody outside of us, no gods, no angels, no Brahman, no higher - none of that is responsible for this, we are responsible. And what is the cause of this? You understand now? Is the cause selfishness? Is the cause the accumulated knowledge - please listen carefully. We are not against knowledge, knowledge is necessary - to drive a car, to learn a language, to operate any electronic... so on, so on, so on - knowledge is necessary. But the psychological knowledge that one has accumulated, generation after generation, is that the cause? Is it that the knowledge has been translated psychologically into concepts, into your belief and my belief - you are following all this? Please sirs, don't go to sleep! If you are really deeply concerned about this, which everyone must be, why we live this way, so-called civilised human beings, with cars, marvellous surgeries, excellent communication, transport and all the rest of it, but psychologically inwardly, inside the skin, we have become terror, we have become the most dangerous people on earth. Right? We may be occasionally kind, occasionally loving, unselfish, but this separate individual unselfishness and so on has not solved the problem. It is not poverty, starvation, disease that is the problem, it is us, our consciousness.

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