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andre.chaisson wrote:

"Not long after my search began did I find the site I was
looking for. However to my surprise I found 2 distinct
overlapping circular features that look exactly like typical
large impact craters. The larger of the 2 measures a whopping
500km in diameter and the lesser a respectable 250km in
diameter. If validated it they would become the largest and
3rd largest impact craters ever recorded on the planet."

There all sorts of problems with your hypothesized impact craters, including:

1. the use of fictional / imaginary claims of flash frozen mammoths;

2. the fact that an impact capable of producing a 500 km in diameter
crater would have sterilize the Earth. An impact producing a 250 km
in diameter crater would have sterilized a good part of North America
and buried much of Canada under many meters of white-hot ejecta;

3. innumerable Arctic Ocean deep sea cores that show a complete lack
of any Pleistocene impactites and impact ejectas anywhere around and
within your alleged craters and anywhere within the entire Arctic Ocean;

4. deep sea cores and seismic data that show that the Lomonosov
Ridge dates back to the Eocene to the formation of the Arctic Ocean
and its origin is unrelated to any impact event;

and 5. numerous Arctic Ocean cores and seismic profiles that
demonstrate the complete lack of any impact related disruption
or disturbance of sedimentary strata underlying the bottom of
the Arctic Ocean either in the area of or associated with your
alleged craters.

There is more than enough known and documented in the published literature about the geology of Arctic Ocean to completely refute / invalidate the existence of your hypothesized impact craters. Specific research, including numerous seismic profiles and deep sea cores, that refutes the existence of the above impact craters include:

Alvey, A., C. Gain, N.J. Kusznir, and T.H. Torsvik, 2008, Integrated
crustal thickness mapping and plate reconstructions for the high
Arctic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 274, pp. 310–321.

Backman, J., M. Jakobsson, M. Frank, F. Sangiorgi, H. Brinkhuis,
C. Stickley, M. O'Regan, R. Lovlie, H. Palike, D. Spofforth, J. Gattacecca,
K. Moran, J. King, and C. Heil, 2008, Age model and core-seismic
integration for the Cenozoic Arctic Coring Expedition sediments
from the Lomonosov Ridge. Paleoceanography. vol. 23, PA1S03.

Green, A.R., Kaplan, A.A., Vierbuchen, R.C., (1986): Circum-Arctic
Petroleum Potential, In: Future Petroleum Provinces of the
World. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir
no. 40, pp. 101-129.

Jakobsson, M., R. Løvlie, E. Arnold, J. Backman, L. Polyak, J.
Knudsen, and E. Musatov, 2001, Pleistocene stratigraphy and
paleoenvironmental variation from Lomonosov Ridge
sediments, central Arctic Ocean, Global Planetary Change.
vol. 31, pp. 1–22.

Jokat , W., 2005, The sedimentary structure of the Lomonosov
Ridge between 88°N and 80°N. Geophysical Journal International.
vol. 163, no. 2, pp. 698-726.

Kim, B. I., and Z. I. Glezer, 2007, Sedimentary cover of the Lomonosov
Ridge: Stratigraphy, structure, deposition history, and ages of seismic
facies units. Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. vol.15, no. 4, pp.

Langinen, A. E., N. N. Lebedeva-Ivanova, , D. G. Geeb, and Yu.
Ya. Zamanskya, 2009, Correlations between the Lomonosov Ridge,
Marvin Spur and adjacent basins of the Arctic Ocean based on
seismic data. Tectonophysics. vol. 472, no. 1-4, pp. 309-322.

Ostenso, N. A., and Richard J Wold, 1977, A seismic and gravity
profile across the Arctic Ocean Basin Tectonophysics. vol. 37,
no. 1-3, pp.1-24.

You also wrote:

"I am trying to get credit and credibilty through several
legitimate scientific routes to bring my discovery to the
public, however its been a fruitless endeavor thus far."

Given that you have failed to present any hard evidence for your craters and lack any explanation why your hypothesized impacts did not exterminated all life on Earth; failed to create any sort of recognizable crater fill and ejecta anywhere in the Arctic Ocean as documented by deep sea cores; and failed to disturbed and disrupt any of the sedimentary layering underlying the bottom of the Arctic Ocean as demonstrated by various seismic profiles, it is perfectly understandable that your efforts have been fruitless.


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