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>>>How does orthodox academics treat this line of reasearch (Electric Universe)?

reply...**stubbornly : )

Electric Universe is a nicely coined phrase which actually encompasses several themes

Origen lays with 2 Father figures form the 40's onward.

Immanuel Velikovsky and Alfred de Grazia

Both saw *Catastrophism as main ident in the many anomolies that appeared in science assay...
this is also connected to Humanity....via Historical forwards..from Religious forwards[Narrative,script and glyph]

Electrical action became more of a pronounced study for decades before computer sims and space orbitors...
he was saying..Venus will be like this..Jupiter..Saturn etc.

well.....he was written off by the academic as a loon.
but time vindicated him...
Carl Sagans tried their best to assign him as unworthy..misguided etc.

The $... hit the fan when Halton Arp...esteemed Astronomer broke with the academic and told them their constants were wrong...
ie Redshift and other bookends stuff.

Then Plasma science's gained a foothold...
firstly in business..
I worked in the steel fabrication sector for the oil patch.
I ran a CNC plasma gantry..underwater cut..Liquid and Cryogenic Nitrogen gas.

today..most ships and warships are cut in segments via plasma..numbered like puzzle pieces..assembled later.

this process can cut most known alloys effectivley...
even Inconel...high nickle chromium alloy.
stuff is hard hard hard..and resists oxidation.

Plasma studies in connection to space appeared to as the industrial use grew

as time passed ..the 60's onward...others fell out like Arp and began to focus their studies on the electrical ident.

bypassing the norm.....which to see all was ..... gravity and magnetism

both are by products of electricity..and ride electricity piggyback in form idents with varied strength and speed.

today..Quantum jump is new child of Electric Universe...

here..Light Speed .."C" is possibly not the absolute bookend.
Light is electric...
.... Electrons/Photons/Nuetrons can jump distances...
which are possibly ahead or cover distance faster than the percieved speed of light.

this study application could overturn how much previous thinking and calculation as time/distance and substance continuity goes?

A friend of mine was fortunate to sit in some sessions with Immanuel Velikovsky at his University...a few months later ..Immanuel passed away.

Immanuel was speaking in these sessions on *Interdimensional physics...
Time...Quantum electrical jump.

the guy was so far ahead in his thinking....

now.....Phase reality.....Quantum jump......interdimentional physics is all part and parcell of our sci fi shows...

here at least..we are about these constructs with some passion
no doubt..they will open doors to these concepts being understood and manipulated by mans will.

in our lifetime..they will master sheild frequency harmonics..
and manage Plasma drive.

allready..and there are several in orbit around the Earth now..
are Plasma drive engined satillites.
Boeing builds them...known as XIPS...
they are Ion drive engines via Plasma..using Xenon Gas...
as Plasma CNC machine used Nitrogen/Cryo-Nitrogen.

so they are on their way...
Star Trek is very much a real application.

Telsa's work is another electric universe ident....Vacumn transit of energy profiles.

The last 2 shuttle missions..
STS 113 and 107 were both *Micro Gravity research.

of hears little from NASA as to what was accomplished : )


Have forwarded alot here..for others who read allong this thread.

Understanding Electric Universe...Halton Arp..Plasma studies can be a Fascinating theme which allways seems to spark greater interest and self motivation.

For me.....Diomede has been a fabulous friend in the way he has shared what he knows in easy to understand terms
and with much linkage/teach substance for me to revist all kinds of articles and idents......see /learn new things.

This is much of my motivation encourage others to search,
give them resources..and let them run.

lately..its been a run of E.U. 101 here at Grahams,

yet both of us have in the past centred our posting more toward celestial mechanics...catastrophism ....connected to mythology and earths history.


T Bird

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