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Hi Anomalies,

In short (because I am a little tired now), all I can suggest is read as much as you can about the subject.

Little do many people know, the entire 'Electric Universe' theory was derived from mythology...pure and simple!

Sounds rather unusual I know, but this is a fact, at least within the context and the initial generations involving the principles of the theory.

Of course it is your choice to learn more, but I can assure you that should you do so, your time will not be wasted and eventually much of the ancient myths can be more readily explained...and of course associated celestial phenomena.

Nobody needs a degree in "rocket-science" to gain a meaningful understandimg of our real past (in my view) and the mechanics of the solar system and beyond.

Perhaps for a good "starter" I would recommend reading the late Ralph Juergen's papers entitled:

'Of The Moon and Mars' Parts 1 and 2.
(I think these papers are somewhere on the net.)

They are absolutely fascinating!

Having read and inwardly digested etc, I for one would look forward to hearing your opinions.



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