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Hi Dio

There is a Gallactic Transmission lines snippet somewhere.
I think its a short article inside another article on the Snippets list.

found this though..and it speaks to your idents.

here too..we are discussing Sunspot cycle and CME's magnitudes .veleocity;s and as noted by the Russkies...a significant AU extension of the Suns Heliosphere which spreads accross our solar system.

Linski : )



>>>>Don Scott asks:

"What is the exact circuit diagram? - Precisely what paths do the galactic currents take in the vicinity of the Sun?"

"We know that currents and/or time varying electric fields are necessary to produce the Sun's strange and changing magnetic fields. Magnetic fields cannot exist without them. Are the magnetic field reversals observed on the Sun due to reversals (or changes of some sort) in the galactic currents or E-fields through which the Sun is traveling? Or is the Sun simply traversing slightly different magnitude current streams? (Are we making "lane changes" on the super highway of galactic electric current flow?)"

**A great coment pull Dio:

going to bang around the net some on this.....

as mention..and exactly know what the density of galactic Hydrogen difficult..Helium too.

so then........there could be regions of denser hydrogen profile...helium aswell[superconductor city..quantum electron jump soup : )]..thus a different current *Lane change

hydrogen emissions radiating out of nebulae in the spiral arms of M81

really enjoying these chats.
thanks for taking the time to forward differing idents to explore.


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