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Hi Anomolies and Dio

Some PDF file links

Conclusion section of PDF file good to visit for those reading allong .

The Evidence for Electrical Currents in Cosmic Plasma


Galactic Neutral Hydrogen Emission Profile Structure


Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen Filaments at High Galactic Latitudes and the Bennett Pinch.


** rolling motion in filaments [Verschuur 1992]

in study...Filament A exibits velocity gradients.
current flow is important to stabilize the Filament

if not...pressure acts to confine the Filament in the absence of Electrical Current flow.

then as noted in the PDF's
different classes of Gases..have different velocity speeds..according to class.

current is flowing...
gases are in *Velocity
..**probably why the academic always reaches for the *explosion ident
instead of seeing **current flow

Horsehead Nebula......Filament structure is seen.

other Filament flow images can be seen..where the Academic is saying..*A supernova remnant..

various nebula's.

the expolsion/erruption ident is noted in these Hubble..NASA/JPL images and forwards.

however....the background *Current flow marked in the
pdf Files...
data pull on H1 stellar from Arecibo **
reveals more than light emmision from explosion...

but rather a filament...

the light is turned on* your neon or flourescent light.
current is flowing and exciting the gases.

not a one time explosion...look ..thats what you see from millions of years ago after a star goes bye bye.

so yes..there is a penchant in the academic community to say..

*Hey looky here...nice colors as gases are hurled outward after an explosion.
with x-ray burst..gamma...and Light.

instead of seeing a current flowing.....which is exciting the gases.

T Bird

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