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Hi Dio

>>>"Then comes the information out of Russia last month, from the Russian National Academy of Science in Siberia, where scientists have come to the conclusion that we have moved into an area of space that is different and has a much higher energy level."

Graham Hancock forwards in his book.."The Mars Mystery"....from his research,
that our solar system porpoises up and down as it transits thru the Galaxy..of which we ar now some 8 degrees above the central plain.

Our Sun has transited thru a Spiral Arm of Orion....we are now poised just above the arms inner edge.

in the neighbourhood....appears to be the remnants of a Giant Molecular Cloud...and ....Blue Stars of the *Gould belt.
Our Sun has passed thru the Gould belt.

Diagram of an Electric Galaxy for those reading allong:

**Although operating in “dark current” mode in deep space, the presence of cosmic (Birkeland) currents is demonstrated by their magnetic fields. A galaxy like ours is effectively a giant homopolar motor, with current flowing along the spiral arms toward the galactic center and then out along the polar axis.

>>Spiral Arm...

we just crossed thru the spiral arm of Orion..

is our Sun being electrically excited by the current of the Spiral arm?

hence the shifts noted in the Russian researchers report.

Uranus and Neptune...2 gas worlds with a highly conductive liquid metal slurry whirling in high rotation...

both worlds mag fields oscillating like a Helium superconductor.

Still learning about Quantum Electron jump...
but are the forwarders who are trying to understand whats going on in our Electric Universe.

Solar winds....

Ion flow...

Free Protons...Free Electrons..

Quantum jump as Electrons cross vast distances of space..with energy outcomes at each end.

wish I was better versed in all this..but it seems to me that Electric current is flowing in our solar system.

our Sun ..excited by the electrical flow.....of the Galaxy : )

T Bird

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