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You know, I have heard several times that 'the reason we have not returned to the Moon is classified' as if we could or would have continued to visit the Moon but there is/was a good reason not to. The most obvious reason not to seemed likely to me to be some sort of problem with space travel. All of the astronauts seemed to suffer various psychiatric problems of some sort or other after returning, and the government having access to all of their detailed medical records might have put 'two and two' together and recognized real physiological problems being caused by space travel beyond the shield of the earth's magnetic field. (Each astronaut of course knows only his own medical history -- and even he might not know all of it if the govt. decided to withhold certain things.) It could have just been the stress that cause the problems for the astronauts, of course. They had been trained very rigorously for a very dangerous mission and not been allowed time to 'think about it' much until they returned. So some sort of 'after effect' is not all that surprising.

And then there are all those persistent 'fringe' guys claiming their are the remains of alien bases and whatnot on the Moon... :) But the more I think about the mind-control approach of the media machine the more I wonder if 'The Powers That Be' were just afraid that they wouldn't be able to control a 'new frontier' in space and they didn't want to risk it creating something completely new that they didn't control. It was the colonization of North America that produced the US, of course, and changed the course of European and world history. So rather than go ahead with what everyone in the 1960s seemed absolutely eager to start on, the colonization of space, they just let the space program wither on the vine. Guess the reigning Oligarchy doesn't wanna get 'Zeused' after overthrowing the European Titans. :)

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