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Just a question for the board members...I have already commented a few times about our search for off-planet life, but here's a question:

Where would be the best location(s) to look for any signs of life on Mars, and why?

I am curious about where WE would direct the search. For my part, I would search the margins of the polar caps, to look for anything that may exist in the frozen/moist-thawing/and dry-desert environments. I would also, probably, (I can hear the orthodox groans) take a look in the Cydonia area; yes, partly because of the several 'curious' formations, but also because there appears to have been liquid flow/erosion as well, giving the opportunity to examine 'river'bed/bank, plateau, and mountain areas, spaced fairly close together.

Soooo, what about the rest of you?

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