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Yes, I'm quite aware of the bias of the scientific establishment. Most of us who read these boards are. :)

But the Hoagland theory is that a large amount of stuff hit Mars, which could have resulted in some being tossed out too of course. The Hellas basin is proof of at least one truly huge impact. Isolating the spurious claim that a planet had to be destroyed to produce that debris from the fact of Martian topography, I have to agree that it does look like a large amount of stuff came from more-or-less the direction of the 'south pole' and hit Mars. Where it came from, and any past history of Mars orbiting some other body or floating around the solar system he has no basis for claiming. It's this sort of fantasizing that makes 'establishment' science so smug and difficult to persuade.

The material that hit Mars doesn't have to have come from within the solar system at all. By inventing this exploding planet from whole cloth Hoagland is demonstrating the exact same sort of narrow thinking as the traditional scientists he is contesting with. The simple fact of Mars lopsided topography is enough to go on for now. We can worry about the source of the material later when we have mor einformation to work with. There are plenty of possible explanations that don't require imagining SciFi Space Opera catastrophes. In the ~4.5 billion years that this solar system has existed, it could not possibly, ever, have run through any clouds of debris dense enough to cause some hits? Other bodies in the solar system might turn out to have signs of the bombardment that left this layer on Mars, with Mars simply preserving it better. Earth would erode it and chemically transform it and churn it into the tectonic system, of course. As for other planets, we'll just have to wait for more detailed information.

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