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Hi Zosimos,

In my understanding, "science" has a tendency to ignore most things that do not fit their theories, or at least they modify their assumptions to suit with yet more ad-hockery, in order to keep the theories viable.

Remember 'MOND' - MOdified Newtonian Dynamics!

Richard Hoagland might have a point in his ideas, but who knows.

You wrote:

> " I think he's being a bit 'over-dramatic' by asserting that it had to be an exploded planet that caused this. Can't there be large amounts of debris floating around in inter-stellar space?"

In my understanding, as I have said previously, it is very likely that a whole load of material was exploded into space from Mars...and recently.

There are many Martian meteorites on Earth and I speculate that our moon is also devastated with this material, particularly in the "highland" regions on the 'near side' that faces us.

Therein lies a true enigma.

So, if the solar system was formed some 4.5 billion years ago, why is all this stuff still floating around?



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