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There's an 'alternative science' theory out there about Mars being covered in a layer of debris from an exploded planet. If you look at elevation maps, you can see that the southern hemisphere Mars is much higher in average elevation than the northern hemisphere. It's not a 'clean' line at the equator, but it's a pretty striking contrast.


There it is. it's by Richard Hoagland, the guy who has been carrying on about the 'face' on Mars all these years, so it's not surprising that 'serious' science ignores it. But he has some very interesting ideas. I think he's being a bit 'over-dramatic' by asserting that it had to be an exploded planet that caused this. Can't there be large amounts of debris floating around in inter-stellar space? Just because space is a vacuum on average doesn't mean there can't be dust clouds and the occasional fairly dense swarm of rocks. Mars could have caught a cloud of debris at some time in the ancient past.

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