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I know we had a long discussion about the formation of the Mariner rift, impact, electric universe, etc...I espoused the impact model.

Now, I'll do it again. Aside from what, to me, is the correlation between the Hellas basin and the Mariner rift/Tharsis bulge areas, I will ask the readers to note something else; in all of our mars lander/rover mission up to the Opportunity mission, (Viking 1, 2, Pathfinder, Spirit) we have been shown a landscape covered with shattered rocks/boulders scattered from horizon to horizon. Now, Opportunity has landed in a remarkably boulder free area, but one that shows an exposed rock escarpment that lookes remarkable for its fractured/shattered condition. Even our lunar images don't appear to be quite as strewn with debris.

Yes, Opportinity appears to be in a crater, and one would expect local rock to be 'traumatised'; but in frame after frame of Mars images over the years, we are shown what appears to be planet-wide debris field. If not caused by a super-massive impact, what alternative explanation can some one put forth to explain the Hellas/Tharsis/Mariner features?

Open for comment.

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